Wednesday, July 18, 2012

One Year Transition and Happenings

Hello Everyone,

It has been a little over one year now since I started taking hormones and I feel fantastic! Things have been fun and busy all at the same time. I am just amazed about the changes I have seen since I first started and it can be a bit hard to take in sometimes as well. I did see my doctor, and she stated once again that I was doing great and further along than what she would expect, but otherwise doing an awesome job. I am still on 4 mg of estrodial and 150 mg of spiro a day. Lately, the most changes I have been seeing has been mostly in my face which is matching perfectly with my hair length. I am about an inch away from being able to put it all up in a ponytail (with the heat we have been having, I can't wait). My weight has slowly been declining and it can definately be seen in my waist ( I have managed to get down to a size 12 and sometimes a 10). The girls in my transition group have been jealous of my transformation and at times even my girl friends outside of group.
Moving on, we recently had our first Denver Comic con, unfortunately it landed the same weekend as Pride, but it was still great. After figuring out what I wanted to go as, I decided on Scully from the X-Files. I ended up making a badge with a FBI signature and took an old metal badge from one of my old work places for that extra flavor. To top it off, I also got a shoulder holster and air soft gun to go with the ansamble. Now, of course Scully was known for wearing a suit during the show, which brings up the next part. It only took two and a half months, but my uniform finally came in for work! Of course I just wore my uniform from work with the badge and holster and I already have the red hair, it was perfect. Unfortunately, the pictures that were taken at the con did not turn out. :( So, I am just going to post a picture of me in my new uniform at work.

I have recently been introduced to a sport, that for years I always thought was really cool, but it was always off limits; Roller Derby! That is right, roller derby. One of the girls in my group is already on a team and her girlfriend just joined. I am hoping that I can get better at skating here soon and try out for a team myself. As it stands, there are two leagues in Colorado; the Denver Roller Dolls and the Rocky Mountain Roller Girls. I will be joining the Rocky Mountain Roller Girls. Right now there is a class every Sunday for two hours for learning how to skate and eventually I will have more practice throughout the week when on a team. Now I just need to get the money together for a pair of skates and pads. :P

To give everyone a clue about some of the things I have been doing, I have been going to dinner parties, Book readings and releases (The Cellar Door for those wondering), Drink and Draw, hanging out at coffee shops, yoga, swimming, shopping, Renaissance Festival and of course Roller Derby. Otherwise work and gaming. I am starting to run out of time for the basic things like sleep, but I guess I will have plenty of time for that later. Here is a couple of pics from the other day.

Anyways hope everyone has a good day, and until next time!


Saturday, April 14, 2012

Work Discrimination

Last Friday was a pretty bad day for me at work. I planned on getting done with my normal duties and going to see one of my bosses about some issues dealing with my direct supervisor, when I found I was being ambushed by him and his boss instead. We ended up sitting there talking about how I was transitioning and how I was supposed to conform to the dress code for the company. What they told me next devastated me. They proceeded to tell me that until I had the surgery, I would have to be at work as my former self. In doing so, I would have to conform to the standard dress code for a man, which meant that one: I would have to get my hair cut (after I had been told I could let it grow long 5 months previous), because it was unfair that I be allowed to grow my hair long when nobody else could, and two: I would not be able to get a female uniform even though the uniform I have now does not fit correctly anymore. To give an example, I were a size 38 waist men's pants even though I have a 32 inch waist, but my legs will not fit in a 32 inch waist because my thighs are to big; I wonder why? Everything I had been striving to get done while at work; making sure people understood about me transitioning and for my own personal trials and tribulations came to an abrupt halt. I think what made the whole situation worse was the fact that while my bosses were telling me all of this they kept complimenting me on how I look and how well I was doing (but all was for not from what they told me I had too do). Needless to say, I was crying during this meeting. So, according to them, I had until the next Thursday to get my hair cut or else.

One of my friends who I adore greatly was there for me immediately. We were ready to go and get our hair cut together with some of our other friends to film and take pictures, so that we could post them on Facebook and on Youtube. We wanted to make a statement. Something did not sit right with me about what my bosses had said and how everything was being handled. I ended up going to my support group the next day and while most of them were up in arms immediately (which made me feel good), I still did not feel right about the situation. So, after talking with them for a while I came to the conclusion that I would start off professional about the situation. I, with the help of some friends and my mom, I ended up printing off over 100 pages of information about what it means to transition and what is to be allowed by state and federal law.

On Monday, I saw one of my bosses again and gave him everything I had printed. I then asked to have a second meeting, except that I would have the vice president of the board of directors from my support group come with me to answer any questions that any one would have. I knew that she would be able to properly answer any questions better than I could. After he had heard everything I had to say, he was very nice and agreed to everything and was reasonably happy for me after finding out that I had the right to ask for all the accommodations I was asking for, namely, to conform to the female standard dress code, not the male. The information I gave was given to corporate immediately in response. What would happen next, I almost cried over.

Two days later, I received a phone call from the boss I gave the information too. He told me that because of the information provided and some more research from corporate, I was to be given all accommodations immediately, without trouble. This meant, no more cutting of my hair, a new uniform, general use of the female facilities, everything! It was like a huge amount of weight had been lifted from my shoulders, enough that they actually hurt. So, now I am waiting for my uniform to come in, but I don't have to worry any more about work and it makes me happy.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Restrooms and Work

Okay, so it has been a real long time since I updated anything, but there are new measurements and pictures in both the gallery and transition pages.

So, day before yesterday was an awesome day! I went to group with one of my friends and while there, I was told I am making very good progress on my voice which made me very happy. Mostly because I was not hearing it from just one person, but many. While I was there, one topic we talked about was the use of public restrooms. Now recently, Colorado passed a new law allowing anyone to use whatever restroom that they associate themselves with at the time. Do to the news, I used the women's restroom for the first time! The idea of using a restroom is not all that big, but for a transgendered person it is really big. I no longer have to go to the mens restroom looking as a woman and getting stares saying, "why the hell are they in here".

The next day was fun also, as I went to a site downtown that I use to work at. Some of my old colleagues were there as well and once again that meant coming out to people. It went just fine though, did not have any issues and everyone was happy for me. After the meeting was a different story. I stopped in at my work just to say hi, and let them know I did go to the meeting. Upon entering the building, my boss was there and his first words were "Don't tell me you wore that to the meeting?", to which I replied "Yes, I did". My boss then proceeded to tell me that it was supposed to be business casual or uniforms. I had to look at myself and then him, to which I replied, "This is business casual". I could not believe he had said those things. I have never had such a jackass of a boss before, and I have had some big ones. Anyways, so I plan on letting someone know about everything sometime next week. All in all, I have had a couple of really good days.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Nothing New...

I am sorry I have not been on for a while. It has been a rather busy month. Mostly been dealing with my condo as of late, but it looks like that will be over here real soon. I am supposed to go and clean it out over the next couple of days. Fun, Fun. Other than that, lets see I ended up dropping $170 on clothes with my friend Samantha over at the store the other day, and I must say it was soo, much fun. :)  I also just started Yoga classes with her on Thursdays, and it was actually pretty entertaining. It hurt a little bit, but if anything it reminded me of the time I took Tai Chi during college. So, I hoping to do that at least once a week. On another note, I also want to start swimming laps at the local pool with my other friend Amy. Problem is, I need a new swim suit. I was all excited to start up again, when it dawned on me that I only have my old swim trunks from before transitioning. :P Well, I know what I will be getting on my next paycheck.

Things have really been picking up with my role-playing game that I have been trying to make over the past few years. Some of the people at Drink and Draw have been really excited to get involved in the making of the game, that we are going to be doing a mock session on Tuesday. Just enough to work out some rules and maybe come up with more. If any of you are interested in knowing more about it, just post a comment and I can try and fill in some answers. Right now, we are calling it the Wheel System, but it might change to the Threat System due to the name being to close to others out there.

Anyways, I plan on posting some updates on my transitioning within the next week or two. Everyone have a wonderful day!

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Look'n Good

I had my doctor's appointment on Tuesday and I thought it was going to be a bad day. It started by me getting the wrong directions and driving seven miles further out of my way than what I was supposed too. Then, to top it all off, by the time I arrived at the office I was going to have to reschedule. Luckily, the person after me canceled and I was able to be seen.

The appointment itself went great. The doctor was very nice, knew what she was talking about, and was thorough. After the physical she asked if I had ever taken any hormones before starting my transition (in which I had not, for those wondering), because I was further along than what a person normally would be for only eight months. It made me feel very good hearing that; I had been having lots of thoughts about a week before. Mostly just, am I supposed to be where I am, am I behind or ahead? I was really unsure about where I stood and it was depressing.

Today I ended up going and getting more electrolysis done, for I was finally able to save up some money. I had scheduled for three hours, but ended up only going for two. Mostly, because my chin could not handle anymore (it was just too swollen). The good news is that the person doing the electrolosys nearly cleared my entire chin, so next time I should only have to have a short appointment to get the rest. Of course, that does not include my upper lip, which is to be very painful (the things we go through to look pretty). I will probably need a shot of Novacaine in order to get it done.

Friday, February 17, 2012

A Change of Scenery

I have been so busy with things lately that I am just now getting back on here. I have recently just moved back in with my Mom and the moving has been a pain but, as long as I keep taking it slow it will work out best in the long run. Work has not been much help either in the time to do things department. They have me working two back to back 12 hour shifts on the weekends (the money is good but, ugh..) I am having a hard time dealing with the transition there, not with the people but, I find myself kind of afraid to make the switch. I think it has something to do with the fact that I have so many limitations with what I can do now, such as I can't wear earrings (even studs) or paint my nails (my friends tell me I am such a girl; I don't know what they are talking about.) that I have gotten used to it all. This does not seem like a whole bunch but, I am full time outside of work, it is just weird.

My life at home has taken a turn for the best; my Mom is finally starting to accept me for just who I am. While I think it will still be a while before she can stop calling me by my old name, she has though started to just be helpful in other areas. Usually, just telling me I look good, or giving me pointers on things but, she does not flinch anymore when I ask her about other things, like how do I sound (still working on the voice, whew.. it's hard).

Outside of home and work has been absolutely amazing and overwhelming at times. I have been going to "drink and draw" at a local cafe downtown once every week, and while I am there I feel like I am in an episode of Cheers with everyone yelling out "Lyndsey" when I walk in the room. The amount of friends I have been making is just astonishing. and the amount of events or get-togethers is non-stop. I have never been this active in my entire life, and I hope it does not stop!

On a more personal note, I am reaching my eighth month on HRT and the changes are really apparent. I find myself walking just a little bit differently now along with some noticable curves. I am starting to really get a waist and my hips are starting to come in. In fact, I went to target yesterday with a friend and tried on some jeans; they fit perfectly! Emotionally, I have started to really look at guys in a different way than I used too, bordering on attraction. I knew that it was possible that I might begin to change in that area, and there is nothing wrong with it but, it is an odd sensation, given that I have only liked girls up to this point in my life.

Next week is my next doctor's appointment; it is a new doctor that I was recommended to when at my last appointment. The office that I supposed to see her at is a bit further away than I would like but, they will be better suited to help me with my medication and transition. With the extra money I will be getting each month, I am hoping I can start to really save up for any future surgeries.

Anyways, I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend; until next time!


Saturday, January 21, 2012

Awesome News!

So, I talked with my one of my bosses today and the meeting went wonderfully. I've known him for about 4 years now and when I told him today that I was transitioning he just listened and then said thank you for telling him, because he knew how hard it is to come out to people and the fact I told him made him feel good. He also said that "Anything I can do, let me know. I want to help a friend out anyway I can". It really made my day to hear that; it also means that I won't have any trouble with work anymore. Besides the fact that the law and company policies prohibit any from happening, he will just make sure things work out. The best part of talking with him was he said he is still looking for a position to open up for a supervisor position, and he wants me to have it! In the mean time he is going to see about getting me a small raise to start helping me with the bills.

I cannot address strongly enough how much it means to have people there to help you along. It is hard to tell them sometimes, but find those few people who are open-minded first, let them help you build a wall of confidence around yourself so that when you need to deal with people who might have a problem, they will help. There is always someone out there willing to help.